How to Add a Mail Contact

EcoCloud360 > Exchange > Managing Hosted Exchange Subscription > Managing Users & Mailboxes
You can add a mail contact under Mail Contacts tab under Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Exchange Accounts > {Subscription Domain} > Service Management  page.
Click Add Mail Contact button to add a new mail contact or use Add Bulk Mail Contact button to add multiple mail contacts.
Mail contacts are mail-enabled directory service objects that contain information about people or organizations that exist outside your Exchange or Exchange Online organization. Each mail contact has an external email address.
Name: Type the contact name. This box is required.
External Email: Use this box to type the outside email account of the contact. This box is required. Email sent to this contact is forwarded to this email address.
Internal Email: Type internal mail alias and select one of the available domains.
Optionally check Hide from Exchange Address Lists checkbox to hide this mail contact from global address list.
Review your changes and click Add Mail Contact button to submit changes to mailbox database.
Please click Add Bulk Mail Contact to add multiple mail contacts using a csv file. An example CSV file is included. Please download this file and edit the file for your organization requirements.
Fields up to HideFromAddressLists are mandatory, rest optional.
Please upload the file to import mail contacts into mailbox database. Review your changes and click Add Bulk Mail Contact button.

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