How to Configure Send As

EcoCloud360 > Exchange > Managing Hosted Exchange Subscription > Managing Users & Mailboxes
You can configure Send as permission for desired user at Permissions tab of Mailbox Settings for desired user.
Please login to Control Panel and follow Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Exchange Accounts > {Subscription Domain} > Service Management > MailBoxes > {Preferred User} > Permissions page.
Click Send as tab under Permissions panel. (Send on Behalf is selected by default when you browse Permissions page)
Under Available Members list, select the member you want to assign Send As permission and move selected member to Selected Members list by using icons on middle section.
Ensure that new member is highlighted at Selected Members list and click Grant Send As button to assign permissions.
SEND AS EXAMPLE: If Sally has permission to send mail AS her coworker Joe, then the recipient of that message will see Joe’s name in the From field and no one else. No one will ever know that the message actually came from Sally.

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