How to Configure Storage Quotas

EcoCloud360 > Exchange > Managing Hosted Exchange Subscription > Managing Users & Mailboxes
You can configure storage quotas for each user at Advanced tab of  Mailbox Settings for desired user.
Please login to Control Panel and follow Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Exchange Accounts > {Subscription Domain} > Service Management > MailBoxes > {Preferred User} > Advanced page.
You will see Issue warning at (MB)Prohibit send at (MB) and Prohibit send and receive at (MB) values under Storage Quotas panel.
Please fill the form with desired values in (MB) and click Save button at the bottom section.
In the example above, user will receive a warning when 900 MB limit is reached. Then he will be prohibited to send messages at 950 MB limit. Finally user will not be able to send and receive messages when 1024 MB limit is reached.

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