How to Create a New Mailbox

EcoCloud360 > Exchange > Managing Hosted Exchange Subscription > Managing Users & Mailboxes
You can use control panel at to create a new mailbox.
Please browse and login using your main account with us. Then navigate to Service Director and Exchange Hosting nodes respectively and click the Exchange Accounts.
Under  Home » Service Director » Exchange Hosting » Exchange Accounts page click Service Management link under Options column for the mail domain you want to manage.
You will then arrive to Service Management section for desired subscription.
Please click MailBoxes tab.
Click Add New MailBox button under Operations panel.
Under Add Mailbox page, ensure that Add New MailBox is selected under Mail-enable active directory user dropdown.
From Mailbox Size (in MB) dropdown please select Custom and specify values in megabytes (MB) for Issue at warning at, Prohibit send at and Prohibit send and receive at options.
Select Language, Time zone values and fill user's details for Full Name, Primary Email, Mailbox type, Password and Confirm Password fields.
Optionally, you can hide the new user from address list by checking Hide from Exchange Address Lists checkbox.
If you expand Optional Fields panel, you will reach additional details for this user you may wish to configure.
To configure membership for Distribution Lists, please expand Distribution List membership panel.
Pre-configured distribution lists will be listed under Available Distribution Lists section. You can assign a single list or all lists to right side by marking lists and using transfer icons.
If Available Distribution Lists section is empty, you can create the user first and then, visit Distribution List section to create a list. After that, you will be able to edit user's mailbox and assign this user to distribution list you create.
To manage Public Folder rights for mailbox, please expand Public Folder Permissions panel.
Pre-configured Public Folders will be listed under Available Public Folders section. You can assign a single folder or multiple folders to right side by marking folders and using transfer icons.
Please edit Permission Level for your needs and check each of the permissions you need if you want to use custom permissions rather than the pre-defined ones.
Please check Send Email under Send Setup Email panel and input user's current email address, so he can receive a message from our system to setup his/her email account at EcoCloud360 Hosted Exchange service.
Finally, please review all settings at Add Mailbox, Optional Fields, Distribution List membership, Public Folder Permissions and Send Setup Email panels and click Add Mailbox button at bottom to create this new mailbox.
If all form values are entered correctly, system should process your request and it will display new user on Mailboxes page as in the example below:

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