How do I let people outside my organization access my SharePoint 2013 site?

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SharePoint 2013 allows you to allow people outside your Exchange account access your SharePoint site. You can grant them the necessary access permissions just as you can for existing Exchange users. Although you can share SharePoint site with a user that has a Gmail account, this will require the user object to be created at Active Directory environment. Therefore you must first add the external domain (in this example under your SharePoint Hosting account.

To add an external domain to your SharePoint Hosting Account:

  1. Login to Control Panel at
  2. Expand Home > Service Director > SharePoint Hosting and click SharePoint Accounts from System Navigation at left pane.
  3. Click Service Management for desired domain.
  4. Click Domains tab.
  5. Under Domains panel type the external domain name (e.g. at Add New Domain field and click Save. Ensure that you do not mark this domain as Default domain.
Note: If you receive a warning message saying "This Domain cannot be added as it is exempted domain. Please contact provider." then please submit a support ticket that includes your desired external domain name. Our Support Staff will white-list your external domain name and you will be able to add this external domain name 

To add a SharePoint-only user with External Domain:

  1. Login to Control Panel at
  2. Expand Home > Service Director > SharePoint Hosting and click SharePoint Accounts from System Navigation at left pane.
  3. Click Service Management for desired domain.
  4. Click Users tab.
  5. Click Add User under Operations tab.
  6. On Add Users form, type user's external email username and select the external domain from dropdown.
  7. Type Display Name, select User Role. Please visit Microsoft KB article about SharePoint Roles/Permission Levels.
  8. Type password and confirm the password.
  9. Optionally you may type some notes about this new user you create at Notes field.
  10. Optionally you may send an email to new user by typing email address to Send email to field. If you don't want to send an email, then please uncheck Send Email checkbox. If you decide to not send any email, then you must tell user's password by a phone call or another method.

To grant access permissions:

  1. Log in to your SharePoint site.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Site Settings > Site Permissions.
  3. Select Grant Permissions.
  4. In the pop-up window, you can add users by typing their email addresses into Users field.  
    By clicking Show options you can specify permission level or SharePoint Group and disable Send an email invitation option.

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