How Do I Create Users For The SharePoint 2013 Site Associated With My Exchange Account?

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After you install SharePoint for your Exchange account, only the Administrator's account is added to the SharePoint site by default. You need to add users to the site using the SharePoint interface so that other users can log in.
To add users to the SharePoint site associated with your Exchange 2013 account:
Make sure that the SharePoint users are listed in CONTROL PANEL on the Home » Service Director » SharePoint Hosting » SharePoint Accounts » Manage Service » Users  page. If you need to create a SharePoint-only user (without an Exchange mailbox), click the Add User button under Operations pane. Fill in all the information, and click Save. 
Log in to your SharePoint site as Administrator via CONTROL PANEL on the Home » Service Director » SharePoint Hosting » SharePoint Accounts » Manage Service » SharePoint Portal and click the link to Connect To SharePoint Portal. The Administrator is the user that was specified during SharePoint installation.
Navigate to Settings > Site Settings.
Under Users and Permissions menu item navigate to Site Permissions.
Click Grant Permissions.
In the Grant Permissions window, you can either add users to a previously created group, or grant them permissions directly. To add users, you can either type their email addresses into the Select Users field.
Give permissions to the users you have added. Read the Knowledge Base article on Permission levels and permissions for more information about SharePoint permission levels.
Choose whether to send the Welcome email to new users.
Click OK to create users.
To check permissions:
  1. Navigate to a site or a library where you need to check permissions.
  2. Go to Settings > Site Settings > Site Permissions and click Check permissions.
  3. Enter the email address of a user or select them from Global Address List.
  4. Click Check Now

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